Comprehensive Wealth Management
is a Beautiful Thing

We can plan your brighter future!

How We Are Different


We Questioned, then Changed Everything

Are industry norms and stereotypes really in your best interest?  

How often have you felt as though there must be a better way to manage your financial affairs?  

What type of advice do you need and how should you pay for it?

Should you have one portfolio or multiple, goal driven portfolios?

As a result, CEWM client portfolios don't necessarily look like everyone else's.  We utilize many different types of investments and accounts. 

Why limit your possibilities?


Navigating Complexity

Our team's comprehensive expertise and diverse skill sets work together to plan, manage, and adjust the financial picture of our clients.  This provides our clients with the confidence that their personal finances are in order, so they can focus on what is truly important to them.


About Me, William (Bill) Hauenstein

Since 1987, I've been helping businesses and individuals safeguard their assets and plan for the retirement they want. 

I provide financial advice as an Investment Advisor Representative 

of Crown Capital Securities, LP and have earned the 

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC©) and 

Accredited Wealth Management Advisor  (AWMA©) 

designations from the College for Financial Planning. 

When I'm not working, I enjoy playing golf, cooking, and spending time with my wife, four children and two grandchildren.

What We Do

Tax Diversification

Tax brackets and rates will change.  

We highly recommend to diversify your investment accounts with different tax structures so we have the flexibility 

to manage the tax liability of 

your assets during retirement. 

The three tax structures are: taxable, 

tax-deferred, and tax-free. 

Tax Mitigation

We incorporate tax reduction best practices to improve after-tax investment performance, such as type of income, asset location, 

tax loss harvesting, Roth conversions, 

and tax structure. 

Why pay more in taxes than you have to?

Retirement Income Planning

A retirement income plan is a year-by-year timeline that shows you where your 

retirement income will come from.  

Our wealth management plan is designed to your specifications by a licensed financial advisor and incorporates retirement planning, tax planning, Social Security optimization, Medicare, and more.

Investment Management

There are many investment management styles including Risk Managed, Strategic, Tactical, Active, and Passive.

Which style(s) make the most sense

 for your situation? 

To open a Risk-Managed account, click on the button below to get started.

Investment Selection

There are many different types of investments.  

Individual stocks, bonds, CDs (even some linked to stock market indexes), mutual funds, exchange traded funds, real estate investment trusts, and partnerships to name a few.

Which one(s) can help you achieve your goals?  

Being an independent advisor, we do not have proprietary products to cloud our judgment.

College Planning Services

The  College Planning Process is very complex and our solution encompasses student services, admissions, and financial services.

We work with a dedicated team of professionals to assist, guide, and support you and your student along the college planning path to a brighter future.

How We Get Paid


Fee Only

This option is for financial planning fees and hourly advice.  It does not depend upon the value of your assets or investment products.  Specific investments will not be recommended or monitored.  

Fee Based

This option is based upon the total value of assets under management.  The percentage depends upon the type of investment management and services provided.  Specific investments are recommended and monitored.


Some investment strategies and/or investment products are best suited for a commission based account.  For example, purchasing a 10 year US Treasury note; pay a small commission once is better for the client than paying an asset based fee for 10 years.

Which Compensation Structure is Best?

Probably a combination, but it depends upon what you want us to do 

and which investment strategies and/or products are selected.

In any case, you will have a choice and know 

how you wish to compensate us for our time and expertise.


Contact Me

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